[SR-Users] Losing MySQL connections

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 18:38:20 CET 2020


the ping option is set to the libmysqlclient, kamailio itself doesn't do
anything in this regard. Iirc, in some old versions of the library, this
option didn't work.

On the other hand, kamailio should try to reconnect if disconnected, but
in this case it seems that the connection was broken during the query.


On 14.12.20 17:51, Duarte Rocha wrote:
> Greetings all, 
> I'm having some dropped MySQL connections in my Kamailio in times of
> low or no activity in the proxy. 
> These are the errors i'm getting : 
>     db_mysql [km_dbase.c:123]: db_mysql_submit_query(): driver error
> on query: Lost connection to MySQL server during query (2013)
>     <core> [db_query.c:348]: db_do_update(): error while submitting query
>     usrloc [ucontact.c:1147]: db_update_ucontact_ruid(): updating
> database failed
>     usrloc [ucontact.c:1663]: update_contact_db(): failed to update
> database
>     registrar [save.c:784]: update_contacts(): failed to update contact
>     sl [sl_funcs.c:414]: sl_reply_error(): stateless error reply used:
> I'm terribly sorry, server error occurred (1/SL)
> In order to try to fix this i've added timeout_interval and
> ping_interval from the db_mysql module. Is this the best approach?
> I've restarted my Kamailio but i don't see any ping going to my BD. Is
> there any other config that I need to add so that the pings are sent?
> Is it possible to do a ping to verify connection and reconnect
> mannualy on the config file?
> Best Regards,
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