[SR-Users] question regarding rtpengine and ICE candidate selection

Richard Fuchs rfuchs at sipwise.com
Fri Dec 4 19:46:56 CET 2020

On 04/12/2020 13.36, Andrew Chen wrote:
> Hmm..that's interesting.  You would guess that the rtpengine binary 
> process shouldn't start connecting ICE candidates once the SIP part is 
> fully negotiated, which should trigger the rtpengine module on the 
> Kamailio to tell rtpengine binary.."ok..you can start associating now..."

Not really. Why would you think that? ICE and SIP are really largely 
unrelated, and ICE processing starts as soon as possible so that media 
can flow as soon as possible. Any delay in ICE processing leads to 
delays in establishing the call or the media flows. (Trickle ICE exists 
partly for that reason.) In particular early media would break if ICE 
had to wait for SIP to finish.


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