[SR-Users] REGINFO events not sending

Adrian Tabacioiu adi.tabacioiu at c-s.ro
Wed Dec 2 10:22:39 CET 2020

Hello Henning,


I receive presence notifications are working, I activated presence using


Is there anything else I should do for reginfo ?

On the internet I don't find other examples than smsops project which seams
very particular, and documentation is very thin.






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Hello Adrian,


are you also doing the usual presence stuff in your config, e.g. handling
subscriptions of the users?


The module documentation not much extensive, I would suggest to search for
some examples how to use it. There might be also something in the kamailio
repository or can be found on the net.







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Subject: [SR-Users] REGINFO events not sending




Does anybody has used with success the reginfo modules ?

I added lines bellow in configuration, and tried different variations, 

Even if my  subscribe for "reginfo" events  is accepted (with 202 OK), I
receive no notification when respective user registers.

Nor do I get the xml body in the first notification.


Added in my config:



loadmodule "presence_reginfo.so"

loadmodule "pua_reginfo.so"


modparam("pua_reginfo", "default_domain", "")

modparam("pua_reginfo", "server_address", "sip:reginfo at")

modparam("pua_reginfo", "publish_reginfo", 1)


Thank you in advance,


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