[SR-Users] presence_dialoginfo module not sending publish on dialogue change

Denys Pozniak denys.pozniak at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 23:07:50 CET 2019


I am using construction below to send PUBLISH to the SERVER on call state
events and it works well.
Table watchers is emty on suscriber side too.

modparam("pua", "db_url", DB_URL)
modparam("pua", "outbound_proxy", SERVER)
modparam("pua_dialoginfo", "send_publish_flag", 8)
request_route {

пт, 29 мар. 2019 г. в 23:28, Richard Nunley <richard.nunley at univoxx.com>:

> To whom can be of assistance,
> I’m am working towards enabling presence on my Kamailio proxy but have hit
> a bit of a brick wall. I’m seeing dialogues being created and persisted to
> the database, subscriptions are being handled and rows are being written to
> the active_watchers table but no PUBLISH is ever being received by the
> server to kickoff the sending of NOTIFY to the active watchers. Further,
> I’m never seeing a row in the watchers table though I don’t know that this
> isn’t expect behavior. I’ve attached my current config for review. Any help
> will be greatly appreciated!
> Thank in advance!
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Denys Pozniak
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