[SR-Users] evapi_async + python3 KEMI

Alexandru Covalschi 568691 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 16:30:15 CET 2019

Hello list,

I'm trying to use async evapi with app_python3 KEMI, but I don't know how to get t_suspend variables. 
What am I doing is connecting to evapi via telnet and making a call, which successfully reaches that point:
        if KSR.evapi.async_relay(str(KSR.pv.get("$T(id_label)"))):
            KSR.xlog.xinfo("processing suspended in transaction [" + str(KSR.pv.get("$T(id_index)")) + ":" + str(KSR.pv.get("$T(id_label)")) +"]\n");

I have the id_label in the log, but in telnet I have None. 
How can I get transaction index and label transferred using python3 KEMI? 
Shall I use KSR.x.modf (in that case I'm losing almost all KEMI benefits)?..

Alexandru Covalschi
VoIP Engineer and System Administrator
tel: +380 97 24 75445

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