[SR-Users] people complain Kamailio not handling stale nonce correctly

Henning Westerholt hw at skalatan.de
Wed Jul 3 23:17:59 CEST 2019


I did some research, from RFC 2617:

     A flag, indicating that the previous request from the client was
     rejected because the nonce value was stale. If stale is TRUE
     (case-insensitive), the client may wish to simply retry the request
     with a new encrypted response, without reprompting the user for a
     new username and password. The server should only set stale to TRUE
     if it receives a request for which the nonce is invalid but with a
     valid digest for that nonce (indicating that the client knows the
     correct username/password). If stale is FALSE, or anything other
     than TRUE, or the stale directive is not present, the username
     and/or password are invalid, and new values must be obtained.

It is a "SHOULD", not a "MUST". So it would be also ok to go with the current implementation.

That said, of course changing the auth module to make it more compliant to the spec would be a good idea. That could be also done with a parameter to switch between both modes (related to the discussed performance concerns).

About the other question in another part of this thread related to nonce re-use, I only found this old discussion:


This supports the point given above again:

"the server has the option of computing whether or not the credentials
used to construct the response value with that nonce were good, and if
so return 'stale=true' to indicate that a retry using the same
credentials and the new nonce should succeed, but it is not required
to do that check."



Am 03.07.19 um 07:30 schrieb Juha Heinanen:

Daniel-Constantin Mierla writes:

With the above considerations, to make it specs compliant, the code has to
be extended that even in the case of expired nonce, the auth_db (and the
other auth* variants) has to go further to compute the response and if
there was a match, then add stale=true. As it is right now, if someone
sends an expired nonce with an incorrect password, the stale=true is added,
even it shouldn't as per specs.

I would consider that a serious bug that needs to be fixed.  stale=true
should be set only in case authentication would otherwise succeed, but
nonce has expired.

After the fix, I don't see any reason why stale=true could not be set.

-- Juha

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