[SR-Users] DMQ: dmq_t_replicate()

Henning Westerholt hw at skalatan.de
Tue Jul 2 22:50:21 CEST 2019

Hi Lars,

actually you can use DMQ to get rid of the database completely. Or you can just setup a dedicated database for each proxy, e.g. in a write-back mode. Using a shared DB as well would be kind of defeating the purpose of DMQ. ;-)

If you want to just share the event, have a look to the t_replicate call, this is another easy way to just replicate a SIP message to a second destination.



Am 27.06.19 um 14:10 schrieb Lars Olsson:
Hi Henning,

Thanks for you reply.

For this particular issue, I am more interested in sharing the event that we have received a register request rather then syncing the registrar database.
On a replicated REGISTER the other nodes does not perform any registrar operation.

The registrar nodes are currently using usrloc with db-only mode and using a shared DB cluster, to sync data.

However, I see the point of using DMQ_USRLOC for syncing between nodes instead of sharing a database.
In such setup, do you typically use separate DBs on each node? or can you use a shared db cluster as well?
Will it work good in a primary - primary setup where multiple nodes handles incoming requests?

Best Regards,

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Hello Lars,

maybe I did not understood your scenario correctly.

But if your use case is just to replicate all registrations to another Kamailio instance, you just add the dmq_usrloc module and enable the synchronization. It should work right out of the box.



Am 26.06.19 um 10:39 schrieb Lars Olsson:

I am trying to replicate a REGISTER request between several nodes.

When I am using dmq_t_replicate(), it ends the execution of the script.
It this correct or I have missed anything?
I can not find anything in the documentation of the DMQ module the says that it will end the script execution.

Is it recommended to use the DMQ module or should I simply forward the request instead as described in https://medium.com/@tumalevich/kamailio-registration-replication-without-dmq-65e225f9a8a7

Best Regards,

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