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Thank you for the information. Are you referring to: "16 (bit at index 4 - 1 <<4) - skip DNS A/AAAA resolve at startup, useful when the hostname of the destination address is a NAPTR or SRV record only. Such addresses cannot be matched anymore with ds_is_from_list(...)."

I looked at that but I'm using Siremis to configure Kamailio and when I go into Siremis dispatcher list, for flags, it only has 0, 1, 4, 8, and 9 as options. Is it possible that the version of Siremis I'm running is prior to them implementing these flags?


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in the past, the only limitation was for sending option keepalives for destinations that had SRV only. That can be controlled now via a flag, see the description for 16 at:

  - https://www.kamailio.org/docs/modules/devel/modules/dispatcher.html#dispatcher.p.ds_probing_mode<https://url.emailprotection.link/?aCFTcbKVooHCRJNH0yHK4vSswi6k9tiBaZVGd6tfwfJ226KS34r0EbRkLVQ4c_UWlckkQ8ffgyV0RG2ccqBhCy3xSap-uA67acLkztv2GYP5MD20sbLGiVBiyzS_wOz_-Nmq_N1oHko9D7qUbZi8VQjER67UHs-N2zhaSIrNdPzI~>

Otherwise, for routing, it should just work, but the dispatcher is not fetching the addresses behind the SRV record, that is done by tm+core at the time of sending out, dispatcher will still maintain a single record with the domain name.

On 30.01.19 23:39, Jesse Strahn wrote:
Is it possible to route to the back-end SIP servers via DNS SRV record rather than specifying multiple IP addresses in the dispatcher list on the Kamailio server?

Running in AWS and looking to be able to dynamically update my list of available sip servers if a server goes offline or if a server comes online. Have Cloudwatch/Lambda setup to manipulate the SRV record with the IP address additions or subtractions but when I try to put the SRV record as the destination in dispatcher, it fails.


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