[SR-Users] Problem at Rx Interface - kamailio P-CSCF 5.1.6

Valentin Christoph Christoph.Valentin at kapsch.net
Wed Jan 23 15:05:30 CET 2019

Hi all,

We are using kamailio 5.1.6, configured as P-CSCF, facing following problem. Please indicate, if you need further information - e.g. I could provide a tshark trace.

If during call setup (by simulated UAs) at the terminating P-CSCF the simulated PCRF rejects the Diameter AAR message, then the kamailio P-CSCF runs into a questionable behaviour.

By calling the Rx_AAR() function in configuration, the processing of the 200 OK is suspended (by the ims_qos module) and then resumed with the receipt of the AAA message.

Now the ims_dialog module is called with the dlg_terminate("all", "reason") function, but the 200 OK has not yet been sent. The ims_dialog sends CANCEL downstream and 488 upstream. However, the 200 OK is sent additionally. We would rather have expected the ims_dialog module should send BYE in both directions.

When we respond the CANCEL with 481 Call/Transaction does not exist (which we MUST according to RFC 3261), then we would expect the ims_dialog module at least now to react with BYE in both directions.

Could you help? What's our misunderstanding? How could we proceed to get this issue fixed?

Kind regards

P.S.: This is a retransmission, because the original message did not pass moderator approval due to the attached tshark trace

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