[SR-Users] Radius Accounting with Kamailio 5.1 (On-line Charging)

YASIN CANER caner_yaso at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 19 14:21:34 CET 2019


Radius accounting working with acc module.  When you set acc flag , it try to send radius request to configured server. Dont forget the  configure radiusclient configuration. Ypu can find it on internet. Here is a document , it is old but helps


Good luck


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Yazar Lwin <yarzarlwin at gmail.com<mailto:yarzarlwin at gmail.com>> şunları yazdı (19 Oca 2019 14:36):

Hi All,

I've Kamailio 5.1 running with Mysql as local DB.
I've configured Siremis as well. I completed accounting configuration as per the instruction. Now I can see the accounting list, CDR list and as well as missed calls in Siremis But I can't integrate with free radius server to trigger the accounting, just like Diameter transaction in IMS. Kindly advise which doc I should check.
I would like to enable Radius server as an online charging.

Best regards
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