[SR-Users] Overhead of health check with dispatcher

Jesse Strahn jesse.strahn at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 16:31:03 CET 2019

Hi all,

I'm new to Kamailio. I am using Kamailio/dispatcher to distribute calls to
several SIP IVRs. I'm trying to determine the best solution to autoscale in
AWS when call capacity of the IVRs is reached.

The most straight forward solution is to spin up a new IVR on a dedicated
subnet when required. I would configure dispatcher such that the whole IP
range of this subnet is in the dispatcher.list so that once a new instance
becomes available, Kamailio starts sending calls there.

My question is, how much overhead would this add as Kamailio/dispatcher
would be polling the IPs in the subnet that were not yet active. The plan
would be to have a /28 subnet with 16 IPs. To start, there would be 2
active IVRs up and responding and 14 IPs in dispatcher.list that would not
be responding.

Appreciate any insight.

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