[SR-Users] Kami, rtpproxy, T38 fax - anyone?

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 09:20:32 CET 2019


do you see the m= line for fax in the INVITE sent to Asterisk, something

m=image ... udptl t38

Maybe you can share incoming and outgoing INVITE for the fax call that
doesn't work.


On 05.01.19 06:39, yu at yu-boot.ru wrote:
> Yet again, fighting against strange fax behavior on Kamailio. When
> call is routed from device behind Kami and uplink is plain old
> Mediant2000 gateway to E1, T.38 always correctly established via
> reinvite and fax works perfectly.
> When call is routed to anything else including local Asterisk or
> Freeswitch, seems called don't hear fax noises and quickly throw BYE
> to me. Asterisk just don't see anything about UDPTL. Even more
> confusing, "near" device drops a call when detects fax tones from
> Asterisk or Yate.
> What can it be? SDP seem to be all transformed as they should be, I
> cant see anything wrong or different  on SIP dumps.
> Rtpproxy is on bridge mode. Local device is Audiocodes MP118 and on
> private addressing, another end of Kami is on static IP. Voice calls
> work perfectly  on this configuration.
> I can provide anything configs dumps etc, if it will help to solve
> this issue.
> Anyone using rtpproxy bridge and working T.38? Help me please.
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