[SR-Users] Kami, rtpproxy, T38 fax - anyone?

yu at yu-boot.ru yu at yu-boot.ru
Sat Jan 5 06:39:42 CET 2019

Yet again, fighting against strange fax behavior on Kamailio. When call is routed from device behind Kami and uplink is plain old Mediant2000 gateway to E1, T.38 always correctly established via reinvite and fax works perfectly.
When call is routed to anything else including local Asterisk or Freeswitch, seems called don't hear fax noises and quickly throw BYE to me. Asterisk just don't see anything about UDPTL. Even more confusing, "near" device drops a call when detects fax tones from Asterisk or Yate.
What can it be? SDP seem to be all transformed as they should be, I cant see anything wrong or different  on SIP dumps.
Rtpproxy is on bridge mode. Local device is Audiocodes MP118 and on private addressing, another end of Kami is on static IP. Voice calls work perfectly  on this configuration.
I can provide anything configs dumps etc, if it will help to solve this issue.
Anyone using rtpproxy bridge and working T.38? Help me please.
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