[SR-Users] MOH setup

Maryam Baghdadi maryam.baghdadi at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 08:20:17 CEST 2019

Hello everyone,

I need to setup Music on hold feature and I did all modifications in
configuration file and did all steps for setup:
1- load MOH and all requirement modules .
2- rtpproxy setups and works correctly
3- mohqueue and mohqcalls tables created.
4-  audio file with type index (novanet.8) exists
5- parameters of MOH module setup and mohq_process() function called in
6- table mohqueue initiated like this‌:
| id | name | uri                        | mohdir            | mohfile |
debug |
|  1 | main | sip:main at | /var/kamailio/MOH | novanet |
1 |

Kamailio starts successfully and no error appears , call setup but on hold
doesn't work and no audio file plays.
I review all previous mailing lists responses but no one answers completely
and before me others had this problem.
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