[SR-Users] app_ruby - invalid ruby environment attributes or parameters

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 18:27:22 CEST 2019


there was a change to use the core PV functions, not those implemented
in app_ruby, so this might have broken something.

Can you run kamailio master branch with jsonrpcs module loaded and then

kamctl rpc app_ruby.api_list

See if the PV functions are listed int the output.


On 05.08.19 15:19, Andrew White wrote:
> Hey all,
> I’m setting up a dev-7 (bd477f) server to test as per the other thread, however I’m getting the following loading my config:
> ERROR: app_ruby [app_ruby_api.c:465]: sr_kemi_ruby_exec_func_ex(): invalid ruby environment attributes or parameters
> I’m unsure what this error means - are there expected environment variables or other values that must be set? I didn’t see this issue in dev-4.
> I thought it might be not able to find the library, but I ran with debug=4 and saw:
> DEBUG: app_ruby [app_ruby_api.c:193]: ruby_sr_init_child(): test execution without error
> ERROR: app_ruby [app_ruby_api.c:107]: app_ruby_print_last_exception(): exception: undefined method `>' for false:FalseClass
> I changed kamailio.cfg to load my generic routing script, and during the onreply_manage it runs:
> scode = KSR::PV.get("$rs”)
> This now returns false (which appears to be the second error above, I check if scode is > 599).
> Has anything changed in the way ruby is loaded in dev-7? I’m using the same ruby/ruby-devel library versions on the same OS. I did this deploy the same with devel-4 a few weeks ago and this didn’t happen.
> Thanks!
> Andrew
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