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Dear Charles,

I think this module is a little bit misleading. At first, it seems, by
using it, one can implement a multi-active Kamailio cluster, and the module
will, by itself, handle Path-related operations. However, all it does is a
simple replication that can be done using t_replicate, or dmq_t_replicate.


On Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 4:17 PM Charles Chance <
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> Hello,
> The lookup() function acts in exactly the same way as it would usually.
> The purpose of dmq_usrloc is to replicate contacts between all nodes -
> encapsulating them inside the KDMQ messages you see being exchanged.
> Therefore, if a contact registers to node A and you perform a lookup on
> node B, the result of the lookup will be essentially the same as if it were
> performed on node A.
> Of course, if your clients are behind NAT, then you'll probably need any
> outgoing messages to be routed via the node on which the client is
> registered. Utilising the Path-related parameters of the registrar module
> can help here.
> The db_mode makes no difference either - dmq_usrloc interacts with the
> usrloc module completely independently of the storage method used. I would,
> however, argue that the main point of dmq_usrloc is to provide completely
> in-memory storage and replication, improving performance and removing the
> additional layer of storage/replication, so using db_mode 3 seems somewhat
> counterproductive.
> Cheers,
> Charles
> On Mon, 22 Apr 2019 at 14:12, Gholamreza Sabery <gr.sabery at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Recently, I started to use dmq_usrloc module. I successfully set it up.
>> Unfortunately, the documentation does not specify the behavior of
>> dmq_usrloc module with other Kamailio modules. For example, I see a bunch
>> of KDMQ messages are exchanged between nodes, but how the lookup() function
>> behaves with dmq_usrloc, or what is it's effect on a db_mode of 3!
>> Regards
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