[SR-Users] Use of SCTP on public SIP server

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 09:27:04 CET 2018


On 05.11.18 11:56, Kevin Olbrich wrote:
> Hi!
> I read about the SCTP module for Kamailio and I am not sure if I
> should load it (currently I am not).
> Does this provide any benefit when Kamailio is used as proxy in front
> of Asterisk?
> At least from Wikipedia and the kamailio docs, it sounds like I can
> load it and it does it's magic.
> The multihomed part caught my attention.
SCTP is a transport layer (alternative to tcp or udp), you need support
for it in both applications that use it for sending data. Is Asterisk
supporting SCTP for SIP traffic?


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