[SR-Users] Core Value : myself

Duarte Rocha duarterocha91 at gmail.com
Wed May 23 13:17:35 CEST 2018


I'm doing some work with the AUTH routes and modules, and sometimes i get a
"403 Not relaying" answer when the INVITE has a parameter in the R-URI.
That parameter was not included in the REGISTER.

I think it's this part of the code that throws this reply :

# if caller is not local subscriber, then check if it calls
        # a local destination, otherwise deny, not an open relay here
        if (from_uri!=myself && uri!=myself) {
                sl_send_reply("403","Not relaying");

Does a different or new parameter in the R-URI trigger the "uri!=myself" ?
if so, can I set it up to check R-URI but not check the parameters?

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