[SR-Users] Supper confused on Kamailio with Asterisk Call

Wilkins, Steve swwilkins at mitre.org
Mon May 21 13:00:47 CEST 2018

Hi All,

I am using Kamailio 5.2 and Asterisk (14.6 & 15.x) and I am having a very strange issue.  If I use Asterisk 14.6, the call (WebRTC<=>WebRTC) works perfectly.  However, if I use Asterisk 15.x, the call drops in 30 seconds.  In comparing tcpdump files, the first place I see a difference is in the '200 OK' response to Kamailio' s 'INVITE to Asterisk'; in Asterisk 15.3 the first record Record-Route is Kamailio Public IP Address, however, in the Asterisk 14.6 (the working call) it is Kamailio' s Private IP Address.  Asterisk Developers told me it is Kamailio doing this...and I am confused.  Is this true, and if so why would it be different based on the Asterisk version?

Thank you!
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