[SR-Users] WebRTC to WebRTC call Kamailio ACK Problem

Wilkins, Steve swwilkins at mitre.org
Sun May 20 13:53:34 CEST 2018


I am  using Kamailio 5.2 and Asterisk 15.3 and while doing a WebRTC (client1) to WebRTC (client2) call, Asterisks sends a re-invite and Kamailio responds with a '200 OK', but when Asterisk sends back the "ACK" to Kamailio, it cannot be relayed.

Errors =>
WARNING: <core> [core/msg_translator.c:2767]: via_builder(): TCP/TLS connection (id: 0) for WebSocket could not be found
ERROR: <core> [core/msg_translator.c:1982]: build_req_buf_from_sip_req(): could not create Via header
ERROR: <core> [core/forward.c:549]: forward_request(): building failed
ERROR: sl [sl_funcs.c:362]: sl_reply_error(): stateless error reply used: I'm terribly sorry, server error occurred (1/SL)

As a side note, I still occasionally see the Errors =>
ERROR: <core> [core/pvapi.c:1452]: pv_printf(): no more space for spec value
ERROR: <core> [core/pvapi.c:1461]: pv_printf(): buffer overflow -- increase the buffer size...
No matter how large I make pv_buffer_size, and tcp_rd_buf_size;   pv_buffer_size=16384, and tcp_rd_buf_size=16384;

Thank you all!

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