[SR-Users] Some clarifications needed on async_task_route

George Diamantopoulos georgediam at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 16:41:41 CET 2018

Hello all,

I've been exploring the async module a little, and async_task_route() more
specifically. I have async_workers set, and the async module loaded.

However, whenever this async function is involved in SIP processing,
kamailio returns a 500 error to the UAC. I was hoping that someone could
confirm that this function is suitable for my needs, I'm not sure I
understand the docs very well on this one.

So the plan is to have some of the processing of the transaction performed
asynchronously, as it is not required for routing etc. Here's an example of
what I'm trying to achieve, it's not really critical if NICE_TO_HAVE route
functions fail etc, I just need request_route processing to continue
normally without waiting for async_task_route("NICE_TO_HAVE") to finish
whatever it's going to be doing:

request_route() {









route(NICE_TO_HAVE) {

dlg_var(sth) = something_derived_from_global_vars();


Is this possible, or am I completely out of scope here? Thanks!

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