[SR-Users] SBC rejects SIP INVITE from Kamailio+topos

José Lopes jose.lopes at itcenter.com.pt
Thu Mar 8 13:47:40 CET 2018


I am using Kamailio working as edge proxy with topos module active.
Kamailio is proxing requests from Freeswitch's to the SBC Metaswitch.

The Freeswitch sends SIP REGISTER requests and it is ok  (Contact: <
sip:1003 at>).
When Freeswitch sends SIP INVITE quest, it receives a reply with Forbiden
(Contact: <sip:btpsh-5aa0219a-2a32-2 at>).
You can check the sip trace at https://pastebin.com/raw/JZUNgYx5

I analysed this issue on SBC Metaswitch and it requires that the INVITE and
REGISTER have the same Contact Header.

I know that this is not required from SIP RFC, but that it is SBC default
security policy.

There is any way to configure Kamailio using topos to have the same Contact
Header on INVITE and REGISTER?

Best regards,
José Lopes
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