[SR-Users] ul.add | path & socket not correctly set

Laurent Schweizer laurent.schweizer at peoplefone.com
Sun Jul 8 13:15:13 CEST 2018

Dear all,

Any idea how to solve it ?



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Objet : [SR-Users] ul.add | path & socket not correctly set

Dear all,

I have kamailio 5.0.6 and I have an issue to add permanent location

When I add a location with :
kamcmd ul.add location_ch demo at peoplefone.ch<mailto:demo at peoplefone.ch> sip: demo at<mailto:demo at> 0 0.0 . 0 128 6111 . udp:

then I get the following insertion:
kamcmd ul.lookup location_ch demo@
        AoR: demo
        Contacts: {
                Contact: {
                        Address: sip:demo at
                        Expires: permanent
                        Q: 0.000000
                        Call-ID: dfjrewr12386fd6-343 at kamailio.mi<mailto:dfjrewr12386fd6-343 at kamailio.mi>
                        CSeq: 1
                        User-Agent: SIP Router MI Server
                        Received: [not set]
                        Path: .
                        State: CS_SYNC
                        Flags: 0
                        CFlags: 128
                        Socket: [not set]
                        Methods: 6111
                        Ruid: ulcx-5b243cb5-67c6-31
                        Instance: [not set]
                        Reg-Id: 0
                        Server-Id: 0
                        Tcpconn-Id: 0
                        Keepalive: 0
                        Last-Keepalive: 0
                        Last-Modified: 0

As you can see the Path value is set to "." But it must be set to [not set]
The Socket is also not set.

Any idea ?


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