[SR-Users] Kamailio Remote User Registration

Hildah.Ochieng at deutschebahn.com Hildah.Ochieng at deutschebahn.com
Wed Jan 3 10:59:11 CET 2018

Dear Kamailio experts,

I would like to able to register one kamailio (localuser) in another
another kamailio (remoteuser) when the jitsi sip
account "localuser at localdomain" is online. Using the UAC module for remote
registration the uacreg table's l_username and
l_domain attributes are set to refer to the local kamailio while the
r_username and r_domain attributes refer to the remote
kamailio. I  would appreciate your advice on the missing piece of the

Following is my configuration of the "local" kamailio. The "remote"
kamailio.cfg is unchanged.


loadmodule "db_text.so"
loadmodule "uac.so"

modparam("uac", "reg_timer_interval", 30)
modparam("uac", "reg_retry_interval", 60)
modparam("uac", "reg_contact_addr","xx.xx.xx.xx:5060")
modparam("uac", "reg_db_table", "uacreg")
modparam("uac", "reg_db_url", "text:///etc/kamailio/dbtext")


l_uuid(string) l_username(string) l_domain(string) r_username(string)
r_domain(string) realm(string) auth_username(string)
auth_password(string) auth_proxy(string) expires(int) flags(int) reg_delay

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