[SR-Users] Question on contribution of documentation improvements

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 15:21:19 CET 2018


thanks for this work!

At the end, it doesn't matter that much with the patches for typos in
the documentation, up to you how do you want to make the pull request
for this case.

I am a proponent of splitting commits per component (like core, modules,
libs, ...) because it is easier to review the patches. I typically check
quickly any patch to core and major modules, for one large patch that is
hard to do in short time and complex to follow up later.

Moreover, for split commits, when it is the case, the backports are
straightforward with git cherry-pick. One large commit is likely to fail
to cherry-pick in stable branch, due to new features in some modules,
etc.., while with split commits, many of them just work.

I also do a lot of 'git log -p src/modules/name' when someone reports a
regression, which is easier to follow if that module had commits only
related to its content.

I don't think this PR is a must to backport, and again, your decision at
the end, but if I would look from the perspective of tracking changes
per component later with 'git log -p ...', then I would do split commits
per component, even it is a large number of affected components.


On 28.02.18 14:03, Floimair Florian wrote:
> Hi guys!
> While reading through documentation I realized there are a lot of typos (typing errors) and some misspellings so I decided to try to correct them.
> I dit this in all of Kamailios module and lib documentation (the xml in the doc folders) and they turned out to be quite a lot.
> Right now this sits on my fork of kamailo on github, but I would like to get this back into the main repository.
> What's puzzling me though, is how to most effectively get this in via a pull request due to the following:
> For now I have made a single commit for each module I touched. Therefore quite a lot of commits have accumulated.
> Actually 152 commits in modules and 4 commits in lib.
> Since most of the commits in modules are rather small (ranging from 1 line changed to 4) with only a few having more, I am not sure if that's the way to go to have a single commit for each module.
> Therefore I am unsure if a squashed version would be more appropriate. Therefore I created a second branch on my forked repository.
> Unsquashed: https://github.com/ffloimair/kamailio/tree/wip-fix-typos
> Squashed: https://github.com/ffloimair/kamailio/tree/wip-fix-typos
> In total a diff --stat to master results in  205 files changed, 521 insertions(+), 521 deletions(-)
> So please let me know what would be the wanted (and most efficient) way to proceed.
> With best regards
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