[SR-Users] Question on contribution of documentation improvements

Floimair Florian f.floimair at commend.com
Wed Feb 28 14:03:10 CET 2018

Hi guys!

While reading through documentation I realized there are a lot of typos (typing errors) and some misspellings so I decided to try to correct them.
I dit this in all of Kamailios module and lib documentation (the xml in the doc folders) and they turned out to be quite a lot.
Right now this sits on my fork of kamailo on github, but I would like to get this back into the main repository.

What's puzzling me though, is how to most effectively get this in via a pull request due to the following:

For now I have made a single commit for each module I touched. Therefore quite a lot of commits have accumulated.
Actually 152 commits in modules and 4 commits in lib.
Since most of the commits in modules are rather small (ranging from 1 line changed to 4) with only a few having more, I am not sure if that's the way to go to have a single commit for each module.

Therefore I am unsure if a squashed version would be more appropriate. Therefore I created a second branch on my forked repository.

Unsquashed: https://github.com/ffloimair/kamailio/tree/wip-fix-typos
Squashed: https://github.com/ffloimair/kamailio/tree/wip-fix-typos

In total a diff --stat to master results in  205 files changed, 521 insertions(+), 521 deletions(-)

So please let me know what would be the wanted (and most efficient) way to proceed.

With best regards

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