[SR-Users] IMS: maybe a bug in S-CSCF: should we create an issue?

Valentin Christoph Christoph.Valentin at kapsch.net
Tue Feb 20 07:47:31 CET 2018

Hi Carsten,

Just to be sure, let me add some questions, below:

1) We do DNS based failover between locations according to RFC3263 (Locating SIP-Servers). E.g. if a server or datacenter goes down, the I-CSCF would re-route the traffic to the other server or datacenter
[CV]: Is it true, that you mean with "server" e.g. one logical S-CSCF that runs as active/passive node. That means, if one "server" goes down, the registration data and all calls are gone and the client has to register again (should happen very seldom, e.g. less than once every 5 years).

2) We run the S-CSCF as Active/Passive Node, where we restart Kamailio on the Passive node in case of single-node failure.
[CV]: do you have an idea of switchover time in dependence from number of active registrations, from the instance the error occurs, until the instance the passive node has restored the data from the database (e.g. range from msec to some sec ?) - may happen several times a year


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