[SR-Users] Raspberry Pi deb packages -> built

Mititelu Stefan stefan.mititelu92 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 16:15:50 CET 2018

> Just for fun, I'm planning to do some CPS stats tomorrow (if I got the
> time)
> Ok, I'm posting back some stats I've found upon basic SIPp testing for
Kamailio running on rpi 3.

All the PI specs, Kamailio basic configs and SIPp xml scenarios I used can
be found at [1].
All the tests were done in a LAN, using PI's ethernet interface, running
kamailio 5.1.1.
All the tests ran for 60 seconds, a couple of times.

1. REGISTER/200, __with db_text__:
  - at 900 cps test did finish: all UAC registered; pi htop threads were
  - at 950 cps test did NOT finish: got "Overload warning" on my UAC/UAS
SIPp testing machine :(

2. INVITE/180/200/PAUSE(3sec)/BYE/200, __with no media__:
  - at 370 cps test did finish: all UAC->UAS calls completed; ~150 "180
Trying" Unexpected-Msg on UAC side; pi htop threads were ~50%
  - at 380 cps test did NOT finish: few(~5) UAC->UAS calls not completed;
pi htop threads were ~50%

The results are really impressive !!! (even if the used testing configs
were really basic ones). Moreover, I think that I've reached the limit of
my current SIPp testing machine, but not of PI's...

[1] https://github.com/smititelu/rpi
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