[SR-Users] set_advertised_address

Kjeld Flarup kjeld.flarup at liberalismen.dk
Wed Dec 5 09:40:38 CET 2018

Hi Daniel

Yes, the Phones may be on either local LAN (Wifi) and Internet via 
mobile data.

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On 12/5/18 8:40 AM, Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:
> Hello,
> it is not clear what exactly you want to achieve...
> Is it that for connected phones from local network to use the local IP
> and for sip messages with devices outside to use external ip?
> Cheers,
> Daniel
> On 04.12.18 23:33, Kjeld Flarup wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have a PBX behind NAT.
>> Thus I advertise the public IP, and forwards the port to my PBX.
>> listen=LOCALIP:5070 advertise EXTERNALIP:5070
>> Now clients can connect to the PBX from the Internet. And also inside
>> the LAN, because I have enabled NAT loopback.
>> However some customers sysadmins complains that NAT loopback is a
>> security risk. I have not been able to find any exploits of this, but
>> the sales and support people asks if it is possible to remove this NAT
>> loopback requirement.
>> I could look at $rd and if it is local, then I could  advertise LOCALIP.
>> I found set_advertised_address("LOCALIP");
>> set_advertised_address however only seems to modify the latest Via
>> header, not the Record-route, and audio neither works.
>> Could I do something to make this work, or is it a dead end?

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