[SR-Users] set_advertised_address

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 08:40:17 CET 2018


it is not clear what exactly you want to achieve...

Is it that for connected phones from local network to use the local IP
and for sip messages with devices outside to use external ip?


On 04.12.18 23:33, Kjeld Flarup wrote:
> Hello
> I have a PBX behind NAT.
> Thus I advertise the public IP, and forwards the port to my PBX.
> listen=LOCALIP:5070 advertise EXTERNALIP:5070
> Now clients can connect to the PBX from the Internet. And also inside
> the LAN, because I have enabled NAT loopback.
> However some customers sysadmins complains that NAT loopback is a
> security risk. I have not been able to find any exploits of this, but
> the sales and support people asks if it is possible to remove this NAT
> loopback requirement.
> I could look at $rd and if it is local, then I couldĀ  advertise LOCALIP.
> I found set_advertised_address("LOCALIP");
> set_advertised_address however only seems to modify the latest Via
> header, not the Record-route, and audio neither works.
> Could I do something to make this work, or is it a dead end?
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