[SR-Users] Auth_xkeys module - freeing already freed pointer

José Seabra joseseabra4 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 19:03:36 CET 2018

Hello there,
I'm constantly getting the following message when i'm using module

 CRITICAL: <core> [core/mem/q_malloc.c:514]: qm_free(): BUG: freeing
already freed pointer (0x7f6310987400), called from core: core/data_lump.c:
free_lump(466), first free core: core/data_lump.c: free_lump(466) - ignoring

Apparently kamailio only throw this message but i would like to know if its
a normal protection from kamailio or it should be fixed?

Thank you for the support

José Seabra
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