[SR-Users] problem with compiling kamailio version 5.1.4 including a private Module

Henning Westerholt hw at kamailio.org
Thu Aug 9 08:11:32 CEST 2018

Am Mittwoch, 8. August 2018, 17:47:07 CEST schrieb Abdulaziz Alghosh:
> i am somehow newbie with Kamailio and trying to migrate from kamailio
> version 3.0.3 to 5.1.4. Former fellows had developed own modules which
> needed "strcommon.h" and "strcommon.c".
> These last two files are not delievered with version 5.1.4. but I copied
> them under ../src/core/ thinking it would be beneficial. Unfortunately,
> after make prefix / (and including our own module) all, it seem that
> several dependencies exist. Especially from header files under
> ..src/lib/xcap/ and ../src/lib/presence
> Can somebody tell me how "strcommon.h" and "strcommon.c"  where replaced in
> version 5.1.4 ?

Hello Abdul,

the functions in strcommon.[c,h] were moved into src/core/strutils.[c,h] in 
releases starting from 5.0. I'd suggest to have a look to the file to verify 
if there are no other changes.

Best regards,

Henning Westerholt

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