[SR-Users] UDP workers block when one or more rtpengine instances go offline

Richard Fuchs rfuchs at sipwise.com
Tue Aug 7 15:03:47 CEST 2018

On 2018-08-06 06:58, Sebastian Damm wrote:
> Hi,
> we run multiple rtpengine servers to share the load. Whenever we need
> to take an rtpengine server offline, we used to just block the control
> port via iptables, then no new calls ended up on this instance of
> rtpengine. This worked pretty well in Kamailio 4.4.5.
> However, since Kamailio 5.0, and the problem persists with 5.1.4,
> Kamailio hangs almost immediately after we block the control port
> traffic. In the log file there are almost no packets processed except
> every few seconds, which looks like a timeout thing.
> Did we configure anything wrong there? Or is the "dead rtpengine
> detection" just broken?
> Our configuration:
> loadmodule "rtpengine.so"
> modparam("rtpengine", "rtpengine_disable_tout", 120)
> modparam("rtpengine", "setid_avp", "$avp(rtpsetid)")
> modparam("rtpengine", "rtpengine_sock", "0 == udp:
> udp: udp:")
> modparam("rtpengine", "rtpengine_sock", "1 == udp:")

When you query the running config via kamcmd for the value of 
rtpengine_tout_ms, what does it say? (Wondering if the default value of 
1000 properly gets established or if some other value is in effect - it 
shouldn't block longer than this value)

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