[SR-Users] Homer confusion ....

Daniel Tryba d.tryba at pocos.nl
Fri Sep 1 15:19:40 CEST 2017

On Fri, Sep 01, 2017 at 12:50:50PM +0100, Mark Boyce wrote:
> Trying to get a basic version of homer working on Kamailio V5. So far I have sipcapture throwing everything in to a single mysql table.
> So first question;  Should I be using sipcapture or siptrace?  I’m not sure I can see the difference.
> Second question;  On what I have working so far using sipcapture, I’m seeing the invites, subscribes, cancels, act’s all end up in the database.  What I’m missing is any responses from Kamailio back to the handset (AUTh Challenges etc)
> modparam("sipcapture", "db_url", "mysql://sipcapture:secretpassword@localhost/homer_data")
> modparam("sipcapture", "capture_on", 1)
> modparam("sipcapture", "hep_capture_on", 1)
> modparam("sipcapture", "insert_retries", 5)
> modparam("sipcapture", "insert_retry_timeout", 10)
> plus a sprinkling of  "sip_capture(); “ in the “xxx_route {“ blocks
> What am I missing?

siptrace and sipcluster look similar indeed. I'm no expert in this (just
started playing with Homer myself) but inmy mind:
siptrace is used on a client to duplicate SIP messages to a server
running sipcapture (using raw/HEP message)

But since siptrace also has the ability to store in a database and you
can tell siptrace the duplicate all messages with 
modparam("siptrace", "trace_mode", 1)
That way you should see all messages in a dialog.

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