[SR-Users] how to bridge two landline users

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On 12.10.17 12:30, 赵国杰 wrote:
> Hello,
>     In a standard sip flow, the call goes like: sip user A -->
> kamailio --> pstn --> landline user B. However, when user A has a bad
> internet access, the audio is broken. So what I want is to let sip
> user A send a invite to kamailio first, then kamailio send invite to
> user A and B's landline number through pstn, then bridge the two call
> together. 
>     I understand this can be achieved by using FREESWITCH originate
> and bridge command. I've tried but there's no audio both ways, which
> really makes me feel stupid of myself. So I'm wondering if this can be
> done with kamailio? If so, how?
kamailio cannot bridge a call like freeswitch does, because kamailio
doesn't handle media stream.

The only option that you can do in kamailio to connect two phones is to
rely on REFER for doing a call transfer. See dialog module and dlg
bridge feature from there, maybe it is enough for what you want to achieve.


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