[SR-Users] Inserting local path into shared USRLOC table.

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
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you may need msg_apply_changes() there, see the details from:



On 11.10.17 00:36, Marrold wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am wondering if the following is possible. For simplicity imagine
> two asterisk boxes and two kamailio proxies. Kamailio on the edge,
> asterisk in the 'core'
> Kamailio <=> Asterisk    Asterisk <=> Kamailio
> A user may register to either kamailio proxy, and a call may originate
> from either Asterisk box where it will be sent to its /local /Kamailio
> proxy. From there I'd like Kamailio to forward the request to the AoR,
> following the same path the registration took if it registered to the
> other proxy, to avoid NAT issues.
> I think this requires a shared USRLOC table, and also for the proxy
> that handled the registration to insert itself in the path of the
> USRLOC table.
> The registrar module has the 'path_check_local' parameter which sounds
> relevant, ignoring the path if the first hop is local.
> I've included add_path_received() in my REGISTRAR routing block,
> however I see 'Path: [not set]' in the USRLOC table.
> Is it possible to force the insertion of the local proxy into the path
> field? 
> One additional question, in the case of NAT keepalives, is it possible
> to only send these from the proxy the received the register request? 
> Thanks in advance,
> Matthew
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