[SR-Users] Inserting local path into shared USRLOC table.

Marrold kamailio at marrold.co.uk
Wed Oct 11 00:36:56 CEST 2017

Hi All,

I am wondering if the following is possible. For simplicity imagine two
asterisk boxes and two kamailio proxies. Kamailio on the edge, asterisk in
the 'core'

Kamailio <=> Asterisk    Asterisk <=> Kamailio

A user may register to either kamailio proxy, and a call may originate from
either Asterisk box where it will be sent to its *local *Kamailio proxy.
>From there I'd like Kamailio to forward the request to the AoR, following
the same path the registration took if it registered to the other proxy, to
avoid NAT issues.

I think this requires a shared USRLOC table, and also for the proxy that
handled the registration to insert itself in the path of the USRLOC table.

The registrar module has the 'path_check_local' parameter which sounds
relevant, ignoring the path if the first hop is local.

I've included add_path_received() in my REGISTRAR routing block, however I
see 'Path: [not set]' in the USRLOC table.

Is it possible to force the insertion of the local proxy into the path

One additional question, in the case of NAT keepalives, is it possible to
only send these from the proxy the received the register request?

Thanks in advance,

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