[SR-Users] Cdr on shutdown

Diego Nadares dnadares at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 15:06:20 CET 2017

Hi Daniel! Thanks for your answer.

Sorry, i didn't provide enough data for what I need. I'm using kamailio as
a statefull proxy and  I all ready have dialog module working too but with
no database.

Today I started testing dialog with db_mode = 3 (shutdown). The thing is
that when I kill kamailio from terminal, the dialog module does not save
any data. It only works when I execute kamctl stop.



2017-03-07 10:49 GMT-03:00 Daniel Tryba <d.tryba at pocos.nl>:

> On Tue, Mar 07, 2017 at 10:34:05AM -0300, Diego Nadares wrote:
> > Is it possible to generate cdrs or to save dialogs to db when kamailio
> > receives a kill signal from terminal?
> Killing kamailio doesn't end running calls. So if you restart kamailio
> before a BYE, accounting will be correct on teardown of the calls.
> The dialog module can store state in a database, but if your are
> specifically looking for something that only happens when kamailio is
> killed without a database backend, you'd have to do some dumping of
> state before the kill is processed and I don't know if that is possible.
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