[SR-Users] What happens to calls when Kamailio restarts?

Samuel F. samuel_is_kewl at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 12 11:05:27 CEST 2017


I have a question regarding calls and Kamailio restarts.

Suppose Kamailio crashes (and started again), is restarted or failed over to a different server (same IP). What then happens with calls?

Let's suppose the following scenario:

- 1000 calls active on the machine

- Some are in call setup, some are in call, some are in teardown phases

- The proxy is stateful

- The proxy forwards calls from B2BUA machines to an ITSP (outbound only)

- Uses record-routing

- Uses loose routing

What will be the likely outcome of the restart with regards to the calls in the different phases and accounting for said calls?

All the best,

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