[SR-Users] How to release call without having to use fromTag and toTag, and resume a suspended call

Cassandra Yurekli cassandra.yurekli at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 09:38:03 CET 2017

To whom it may concern,

There are several points I don’t quite understand regarding a couple of
kamailio modules.

I have a main application which controls calls by sending command messages
via a socket (for example reject this sip invites). I communicate with the
socket client via evapi module and using evapi_asynch_relay() in order to
be sure that communication are suspended and kamailio waiting an order for
doing something with them (Accepte, reject, release, ...).

I want to release a call, using a command “release this call”. I’m actually
doing this with dialog module (using get_dialog(callid,fromTag,toTag) and
dlg_bye(‘all’)) but is there anything else (like another module) which
could release a call without necessarily having to use fromTag and toTag to
get the context ? I didn’t find it on modules documentations.

Also after an INVITE I’m waiting for the main app to accept or reject the
call. For accepting and continuing the transaction I found
“t_continue(tindex,tlabel,route)” on tmx module, but at this moment
$T(id_index) and $T(id_label) are null, is it normal or I did something
wrong ? How can I simply resume the suspended call ?


Best regards,
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