[SR-Users] python_exec and parameters

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 09:31:19 CET 2017


not very familiar with the app_python initial design, but when I added
kemi support in it for kamailio 5.0, I think I noticed the limitation of
1 extra parameter. Probably you can encode your parameters in comma
separated value, so you can parse it easier in the python script, as
opposite to parsing the entire message buffer.

An alternative may be getting the value for $fu or $tu if python offers
the api for getting/setting pseudo-variables -- these are for sure in
kemi exports to python.

Of course, if anyone adds support for more parameters, then it will be
accepted inside kamailio repo.


On 08/02/2017 09:47, gmele wrote:
> Hello,
> in our Kamailio, we are using python_exec to execute script used to send
> push notifications to Google or Apple.
> Currenty, the method we call only accepts the message as parameter. We then
> extract from the message the Call Id, to URI and from URI. 
> Here is the python method signature:
> *def SendPushNotification(self, msg)*
> To extract the toUri and fromUri (and remove the sip:), we use python regex
> : 
> *uriPattern=re.compile(".*sips?:(.+@[^>;]+)")*
> This is working well 99% of the time, except sometimes (we don't know why)
> where we get the error:
> *logger_LM_ERR(): Exception occurred: Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "mypythonExample.py", line XXX, in SendPushNotification    
> requestUri = self.ExtractURIFromHeader(msg.getHeader("to"))
> File "mypythonExample.py", line XXX, in ExtractURIFromHeader    
> m= self.uriPattern.match(header);
> TypeError: an integer is required*
> We tried to analyze the cause of this error, but we didn't find any problem
> with the message itself (the message is complete, with the *to *and *from
> *correctly filled).
> So, to avoid using the python regex, we have decided to pass parameters to
> the python script (callId, from and to URI):
> *def SendPushRequest(self, msg, fromUri, toUri, callid)*
> But it seems python_exec doesn't support more than 2 parameters ($mb and
> another one). Is this exact? If this is the case, how can we pass several
> parameters from kamailio.cfg? 
> Thx for your help.
> Regards
> Giovanni
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