[SR-Users] Dispatcher latency stats monitoring with statsd

Julien Chavanton jchavanton at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 01:01:57 CET 2017

Not sure if anyone is using "latency measurement" feature in Kamailio
dispatcher module, I thought I could share a very simple Python script that
I am using to monitor remote gateway using this.

Sample Script is attached, it will post data to statsd and is working in

The feature  can be enabled :

3.27. ds_ping_latency_stats (int)

Enable latency measurement when pinging nodes

If set to 0, disable latency measurement.

If set to 1, enable latency measurement


This is one use case of this feature, another one will be to load balance
based on congestion detected on latency, I am planning to share a lab
experiment in a little while.

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