[SR-Users] Identical Kamailio setup on 2 hosts

Infinicalls Infinicalls infinicalls at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 05:38:50 CEST 2016


> You might want to take a look at you solution though.
> For example you might want to introduce edge proxies, clients connect
> with those directly, but they forward the requests to a (specific or
> loadbalanced) registrar (essentially the machines you have up and
> running now). These proxies insert Path information about themselves in
> any messages coming from the outside world (add_path_received()) , the
> registrar saves the Path info:
> modparam("registrar", "use_path", 1)
> modparam("registrar", "path_use_received", 1)
> Now any registrar looking at the shared location data knows which edge
> proxy to sent the request for the enduser to directly.

Edge proxies is a nice suggestion. Thanks.

Can I implement, as suggested here,
to setup a proxy and direct requests to the registrar?

But, my main intention was to bring down the server load of the sole
registrar and as bonus act as failover.

Ganesh Kumar

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