[SR-Users] REGISTER between Kamailio 4.4 and Asterisk 13

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Mon Sep 26 16:02:38 CEST 2016

> On 26 Sep 2016, at 15:53, Grant Bagdasarian <gb at cm.nl> wrote:
> Hello, 
> We’re trying to get our Asterisk test server to REGISTER with Kamailio.
> The first attempts are ok, but once the nonce timer is exceeded Kamailio starts rejecting the REGISTER requests from Asterisk, due to the nonce being expired.
> The auth_check function is the one returning error -4.
> Is this an issue in Asterisk or Kamailio? Which component is responsible for generating a new nonce value?
> I’m a bit confused regarding the flow of SIP REGISTER. 
In that case, Asterisk should get a new challenge from Kamailio and asterisk should send a new register with the
new nonce. Asterisk chan_sip will retry with the old nonce but if the server it registers to challenges again,
then it will retry auth automatically.

> I hope someone could help me out on this. 
> Thanks!
> Regards,
> Grant Bagdasarian
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