[SR-Users] Kamailio - Multiple NAT

Marino Mileti marino.mileti at alice.it
Mon Sep 12 14:28:13 CEST 2016

Hi guys,


i'm going in trouble with multinat scenario and Kamailio J


I've this scenario...


Two kamailio boxes with the same configuration (KAM_A and KAM_B). Each box
has a WIFI in AP_MODE with the same address (but different SSID obviously) Finally there are 2 clients...CLIENT_1 connected to wifi with
KAM_A, and CLIENT_2 connected using wifi with KAM_B. Each box has an
instance of RTPEngine configured.

KAM_A & KAM_B are also connected using wired connection with other clients
in order to allow that a calls to KAM_B (or KAM_A) generate a forking
scenario and all clients connected starts to RINGS (wired & wireless client)


The mobile client connected on KAM_A makes a call to KAM_B... the forking
scenario starts and all clients on KAM_B starts to ring.

If any wired client pick up the call everything works fine. If a wireless
client pick up the call...no media L


Is it possible? Should I've to instruct RTPENGINE in any particular mode?



Marino Maria Mileti

 <mailto:marino.mileti at alice.it> marino.mileti at alice.it


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