[SR-Users] presence modules not send NOTIFY events

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 10:27:05 CEST 2016


are the subscribes and publishes for the same presence event?

You should run with debug=3 (at least for presence modules via debugger
module) and see what is printed there -- there should be some hints on
what's happening.


On 05/09/16 10:04, Yuriy Gorlichenko wrote:
> hi guys. can some one help to understand what there can be wrong?
> 2016-09-01 20:55 GMT+03:00 Yuriy Gorlichenko <ovoshlook at gmail.com
> <mailto:ovoshlook at gmail.com>>:
>     Hi. I trying to implement full presence server
>     I set config like this (part of it)

>     [...]
>     Also added for evey call dlg_manage() function So for now i have
>     issue that no NOTIFY event was sent at the any update of any
>     device I see PUBLISH events and SUBSCRIBE events but it looks like
>     handle_publish() and
>     handle_subscribe() not sending any NOTIFY But at the dump i see
>     xlog("L_INFO","{$rm} handled"); where $rm is correct SUBSCRIBE and
>     PUBLISH if it is. Just dont know what i need to change. I will be
>     very grateful if someone heps me to resolve this issue. Thanks
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