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I have no clue about your platform and aims for it, being also not much
involved in the IMS module -- however, a dispatcher (load balancer) is a
conceptual component that can be added where is needed. If you have
proxy A with whatever function and next hop B is not able to deal with
all traffic from A, then you add more B nodes and load balance traffic
to them from A -- so you add dispatcher to A instance.


On 02/09/16 01:09, Rodrigo Moreira wrote:
> Hello, I would like to clarify a question. Can you help me?
> I'm deploying a solution based on Kamailio, but I need incorporate the
> load balancer funcionality in the environment.
> See the cenario:
> I have five VMs.
> PCSCF, ICSCF, SCSCF, HSS, DNS. Each VM runs the especific funcionality
> of the IMS.
> Therefore, which machines should receive the config provided by
> dispacher module? Is the PCSCF?
> Another question:
> The DNS server should be updated, I may do this previously?
> The HSS, should be updated too, I may do this previously?
> Do you known about approaches of the LB available?
> Best Regards.
> Thanks.
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