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I think you would need to use rtpengine instead of rtpproxy.  








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Hi all, 


we’re just playing around with an IMS setup bases on kamailio. Therefore the kamailio is used as P-,I- and S-CSCF.

We where able to register two clients through all components.

As we wan to start a call session, the P-CSCF answers with „403 - Forbidden. You must register with an S-CSCF“…


I found this snippet in kamailio.cfg:


if (!pcscf_is_registered("location"))

{ send_reply("403","Forbidden

- You must register first with a S-CSCF“);



Can one tell me what exactly the kamailio is checking there? As I figured out it is looking in database location table.


The table contains the registered users registered towards the IMS.


Another „problem“ we faced with is the rtpproxy. As the ngcp-mediaproxy-ng is no longer available and replaced with rtpproxy we’re trying to use it. But kamailio said that the proxy isn’t answering the way expected.


ERROR: rtpengine [rtpengine.c:1622]: rtpp_test(): proxy responded with invalid response


Any advise would be nice.


Thank you



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