[SR-Users] Presence: Notify on publication status refresh

Aleš Šturm ales.sturm at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 12:34:56 CET 2016

Hi all,



I am using Kamailio 4.3 as Presence server and I have a question regarding
NOTIFY messages sent after publication status refresh. When PUA sends
refreshing PUBLISH request (before expiration) Kamailio sends NOTIFY
request. Large number of watchers per one presentity causes large traffic.


RFC3265 states: NOTIFY messages are sent to inform subscribers of changes in
state to  which the subscriber has a subscription.


But when publication is only refreshed (publication expiration is extended)
the publish state is not changed (PUBLISH without XML body).


>From RFC5839: The SIP PUBLISH [RFC3903] method uses a similar mechanism,
where a refresh of a publication is done by reference to its assigned
entity-tag, instead of retransmitting the event state each time the
publication expiration is extended.


Is it possible to configure Kamailio that wouldn't send NOTIFY request to
watchers when publication status refresh (PUBLISH without XML Body) occur?


Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance,



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