[SR-Users] Strange PUA Behaviour

Phil Lavin phil.lavin at synety.com
Tue Jan 19 10:41:48 CET 2016

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your response. There are 2 records in the database. They are below:

mysql> select * from dialog\G;
*************************** 1. row ***************************
              id: 602
      hash_entry: 3537
         hash_id: 8368
          callid: 8f7b7053-2026fb79-350890bb at
        from_uri: sip:9989 at
        from_tag: bo2laqatpfnl7b3l.o
          to_uri: sip:441164969988 at
          to_tag: BCC9B8F7-2852AE14
     caller_cseq: 124
     callee_cseq: 0
caller_route_set: NULL
callee_route_set: NULL
  caller_contact: sip:
  callee_contact: sip:441164969988 at
     caller_sock: udp:
     callee_sock: udp:
           state: 4
      start_time: 1453196293
         timeout: 1453239493
          sflags: 0
          iflags: 0
    toroute_name: NULL
         req_uri: sip:441164969988 at
           xdata: NULL
*************************** 2. row ***************************
              id: 603
      hash_entry: 2101
         hash_id: 11063
          callid: 8f7b7053-2026fb79-350890bb at
        from_uri: sip:441164969989 at
        from_tag: 1B2E6CC3-5A94D549
          to_uri: sip:441164969988 at;user=phone
          to_tag: osmzuhhnrncelo22.i
     caller_cseq: 2
     callee_cseq: 0
caller_route_set: NULL
callee_route_set: <sip:;transport=udp;lr>
  caller_contact: sip:441164969989 at
  callee_contact: sip:
     caller_sock: udp:
     callee_sock: udp:
           state: 4
      start_time: 1453196293
         timeout: 1453239493
          sflags: 0
          iflags: 0
    toroute_name: NULL
         req_uri: sip:441164969988 at sip.staging.cloudcall.com
           xdata: NULL
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Config is as follows:

modparam("presence", "db_url", DBURL)
modparam("presence", "send_fast_notify", 0)
modparam("presence", "db_update_period", 20)
modparam("presence_xml", "db_url", DBURL)
modparam("presence_xml", "force_active", 1)
modparam("presence_dialoginfo", "force_single_dialog", 1)
modparam("pua", "db_url", DBURL)
modparam("pua", "db_mode", 2)
modparam("pua", "update_period", 20)
modparam("pua_dialoginfo", "send_publish_flag", FLT_DLGINFO)
modparam("pua_dialoginfo", "override_lifetime", 124)



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when you get such situation, can you check the database and see if there are more records for the same presence dialog?

Also, can you send here the parameters for pua*/presence* modules? DB URL parameters are not relevant, you can skip/replace them as they contain password.

On 18/01/16 19:15, Phil Lavin wrote:
Hi all,

We are investigating an issue with BLF whereby the BLF key on the subscribed phone does not always "turn off" after the call has ended. We have enabled force_single_dialog to keep things simple for debugging. The attached pcap is the result. The relevant stuff as I see it is:

*         Packet #60 - UA sends a BYE

*         Packet #62 - PUA sends a PUBLISH over loopback with a state of "terminated"

*         Packet #65 - The PUBLISH is sent out to the subscribed UA as a NOTIFY with a state of "early"

This causes the BLF light on the phone to continue flashing.

We are running a version of Kamailio compiled from the HEAD of the current 4.3 branch.

Any ideas?

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